Our typical guests range in age from 13 to 19 years of age and enjoy many different styles of music. If your band has guests that will be older than 19, please let our management know ( (Parents and relatives are always OK.) NOTE: Although our regular events are limited to teenagers and approved adults, some Attic events are "All Ages" (typically our Premier Nights). During these events anyone under the age of 13 will need a parent or guardian to stay with them at all times.

Shows on Friday typically begin at 7:30PM with doors and load in at 7:00PM. Saturday events typically begin at 8:30PM. Bands should show up at 8:00 PM for load in/setup/sound checks. Show starts promptly at 8:30PM and bands should be prepared to play as early as 8:30PM, but please do not show up early as we have a youth event that gets out at approximately 7PM Fridays and 8PM Saturday and showing up early interrupts it. Unless otherwise advised, all weekday shows (Mon-Thur) start at 6:00PM and bands should show up at 5:30PM for setup/sound checks.

We try not to be too restrictive but we do have a few guidelines which are as follows:

1. All deals are merchandise sales only unless guaranteed in writing PRIOR to the show, at time of booking. Please note, acknowledgment of agreement to the guidelines means agreement to merchandise sales only deals. Most nights (except for shows with presale tickets) all bands are eligable for our "Band Rewards" program as detailed below.

2. Bands are expected to promote their own shows. Any band producing less than 25 fans will most likely not be rebooked. Feel free to send us posters for the venue and a flyer for the website.

3. Bands need to arrive at "The Attic" at the previously given time on the day of the event for set up and sound checks (Friday/Saturday shows arrive at 8:00 PM; Mon-Thur shows arrive at 6:00 PM). If bands do not make it within a half hour of that time, they will be removed from the lineup. Bottom line, please show up on time!

4.. Touring bands, National Acts, and all Premier Night Headliners scheduled at the Attic agree not to play within 50 miles of the Attic for a period of not less than 30 days. Local bands agree not to play within 50 miles of the Attic for not less than one week.

5. We will book no more than one traveling/touring bands per night (excluding national acts). The remaining slots are for local acts. With any other mix, we can't draw the crowd necessary for such a large venue.

6. There will be no foul language, lyrics or gestures that would offend anyone either on or off the stage. The judgment of Attic management is final.

7. Bands will not invite members of the crowd onto the stage or promote indecent or dangerous behavior.

8. As a teen center, The Attic is an absolutely drug and alcohol free venue. This includes both items brought onto our property and anything consumed prior to arrival. Intoxicated individuals will not be admitted on the premises. Additionally, any band caught sneaking people, drugs or alcohol into the building or into the backstage area will be ejected from the building immediately. In certain instances, local authorities will be notified.

9. The music selection is up to you. Whether punk, hardcore, emo or rock, we have found that the current modern style works pretty well and the heavier Christian seems to work OK also. For our Christian bands, praise and worship music is not appropriate with the secular crowd we draw. We also do not book acoustic acts for Friday and Saturday events.

10. We usually have five bands each night so your set should be no more than 30 minutes long. Again, the first band goes on at 8:30 PM and we must be done with any loud music by 12:30 PM.

11. "The Attic" has an excellent sound system and all bands are required to use it. Bring all of your instruments, including drums. We have direct boxes, vocal mics, guitar and bass amp mics. Bring any extra instrument mics/cables (such as keyboards, bongos, etc.) you are going to need.

12. If any sound gear is broken during performance, (such as mics dropped or swung) the band is responsible for their actions and will be required to pay for all repairs. If there is a verified accident, "The Attic" will split payment for repair.

13. Bands do not have access to the soundboard, power amps, etc. No one except Attic sound engineers may touch any sound gear other than microphones and monitors.

14. Bands are responsible for their equipment AND their guests.

15. A table will be provided for each band to conduct merchandise sales. Merchandise must not be offensive in any way and bands may not sell or give away any consumable (food, drink, etc) items. The Attic is not responsible for lost or stolen merch, please stay with your merchandise!

6. Loading is done through the double doors at the rear of the building. A security person must be present when the doors are open. Additionally, bands are not allowed to practice in the loading area because the sound carries across the street and bothers the neighbors. Unplugged guitars, etc., are OK, but no amplified music and PLEASE, NO drums! Also, no one is allowed outside the rear of the building except for loading and unloading.

17. Each band member will receive a free pass for admission and a back stage pass (colored wristband) for themselves for identification purposes. We allow one free backstage pass per band for a roadie or other guest. If additional backstage passes are needed they must be purchased, they are $15 each for normal events. "The Attic" may deny additional backstage passes as necessary for crowd control. Bands will not be able to purchase additional passes minors who are not family members. We can also provide lockers for personal items if requested.

18. All band members must enter the building via the backstage entrance off of Bobbie Place.

19. Band members may not loiter around the front of the building or by the front entrance.

19. All booking for the Attic is done through E-mail,, and NOT at the venue or via telephone.

20. Please note, in some instances it will be necessary for us to rearrange our schedule to allow for national tours to come through. We will give bands as much notice as possible and rebook at a date convenient for the band.