Parents Info!

Find out everything you need to know about The Attic!

Hello Parents!

Although we don't advertise it to the students, the Attic is a function of Harvest Youth Ministries (a non-denominational Christian ministry aimed at reaching out to young people in a "Positive" way). ( At the Attic Teen Center, we sponsor and conduct events that give young people an alternative to the destructive things they might be pulled into. Almost all of our staff are parents too, so we know why you're checking us out before you allow your child to attend and we're glad you are!

What we've got!

POSITIVE SPACE - our goal is to provide your student with a safe, positive, and fun place to go.
DANCING - we only play radio edits/clean versions of songs. Anything overly suggestive, foul, explicit or that promotes violence will not be played.
SECURITY - Plenty of adults will be at the events to ensure your student is safe and staying out of trouble! (No adult is EVER allowed to be alone with a student for any reason whatsoever.)
EVENTS - we will offer an array of events including contests, sumo wrestling, dance contests, and more to keep your student excited about coming back! The best part, however, is that they get to hang out with each other in a supervised (but fun) environment.
EXTRAS - we have pool tables, some clean video games, sumo-wrestling sets, air hocked a great concessions stand, espresso and smoothie bar, and lots more!

We do not allow:

Alcohol or Drugs of any kind
Foul Language
Large coats, bags or backpacks (they can be checked at the front door)
Any conduct that is not G-rated (including dancing)

Although adults without background checks are not allowed to remain in the building without management approval, when you drop off your student, feel free to ask for a tour from one of our staff! We want to make sure parents know what their students are up to! Any other questions? Feel free to email for any other information you need!