With a passion for reaching out to youth, even Jim was been amazed at "The Attic's" immediate popularity with young people. The Attic is continuing to grow and has drawn up to 700 teens for some of our bigger events! The initial funding was used mostly to get the large space sready for operation. "The Attic" is now operating on additional funding from individuals, grants, businesses and churches in the community and from a cover charge on weekends.

Your support helps keep us running!

Please send your tax-deductible donations to The Attic:
C/o Harvest Youth Ministries
4004 Woodcliffe Ave
Dayton, OH 45420

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For more information, please feel free to contact...
Jim Kilby via E-Mail: or by phone at: (937) 290-7574

"The Attic" is more a concept than it is a building or a place. In the founders' studies of youth ministry, they've discovered one simple truth over and over again. "If you give young people some place to go, you'll go a long way toward keeping them out of trouble." Of course, keeping them out of trouble will aid them immeasurably in staying on the "right track" both at school and in life overall. While meeting teenagers where they are, without expecting them to enter a church on their own, the purpose of "The Attic" encompasses all these things, but with a larger truth included. Many young people in our nation today have never found unconditional love and acceptance of any kind, much less the kind found in a personal relationship with their Creator. The mission at "The Attic" involves each of these truths. They provide youth a place to go where they'll find unconditional love and acceptance. If they seek to find the source of that love, the gospel of Jesus Christ will be shared with them.